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Second source adds to North Sea oil spill

Published by Steve Coleman on August 16, 2011

Despite sealing off the worst North Sea oil spill in a decade, Royal Dutch Shell says oil is still coming out of the oil rig responsible.

The company says it's losing about two barrels a day from the Gannet Alpha oil rig, about 180 kilometres east of Aberdeen, Scotland. The platform is co-owned by Shell and Esso, an Exxon Mobil subsidiary.

As of Aug. 16, the pipes leading to the platform had lost about 1,300 barrels of oil.

Shell sealed the main leak in a flow line by closing the well and isolating the reservoir. The smaller leak is hidden in denser marine growth and has been more difficult to access, a company spokesman said.

Shell said it believes the oil is leaking from a relief valve close to the original problem. Once it's confirmed, the second spill will be contained.

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