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Manufacturers welcome new federal funding for investments in energy efficiency

Published by Steve Coleman on September 08, 2011

The new funding for ecoEfficiency initiatives announced today by Minister of Natural Resources Joe Oliver will provide a welcome boost to manufacturers in improving energy efficiency in their own operations, as well as to those Canadian companies that have developed world-leading energy-saving technologies, according to CME.

"Manufacturers see energy efficiency as an important way to lower costs and save money for investments in more productive processes and technologies", says Jayson Myers, CME's President & CEO. "In fact, Canada's manufacturing sector has taken the lead in improving energy efficiency, and as a result, have made real progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions".

"Improvements in energy efficiency are a win-win for consumers and businesses alike. They make good economic sense and they are good for the environment."

"But, often the cost of making new investments can delay progress, particularly at a time when profit margins are low for business and cash flow is tight. That's why the federal government's new funding program is so important."

"The measures will make a positive contribution to manufacturers' productivity, competitiveness, as well as to the environment."

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