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Buy America provisions defeated by US Senate

Published by Brad Fougere on January 21, 2015

An amendment proposal that would have seen Buy America provisions applied to a pro-Keystone XL pipeline bill has been defeated in the US Senate.

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters has been adamant that protectionist measures must not apply to infrastructure projects.

"The precedent that could have been set by adding protectionist measure to a project like Keystone XL would have been damaging to the integrated supply chains and strong relationships between American and Canadian firms," said CME President and CEO Jayson Myers. "In addition, applying protectionist policy to a private project using private sector funding would have catastrophic impacts."

CME has worked tirelessly representing firms who have been or would be impacted by Buy America by calling for reciprocity on projects like the Champlain Bridge, for government to step up against Buy America on Canadian soil in Prince Rupert and to restrict the expansion of the measures in New Jersey and in this latest Senate defeat.

"The nature of global business today is such that invoking protectionism hurts the bottom line for businesses shut out of projects and those who would seem to benefit from such measures," Myers said. "The nature of free trade is counter to this kind of policy and we have worked to limit it's impact on firms on both side of the border."

CME would like to regonize the work of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development and the Canadian Embassy in Washington for their support on this file.

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