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CME comment re: Russian sanctions on Canadian food imports

Published by Brad Fougere on August 07, 2014

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters acknowledges the challenges that will be faced by Canadian food manufacturers and exporters affected by the Russian decision to ban food imports from Canada.

We are encouraging the Government of Canada to consider special support for Canadian exporters affected by Russian sanctions including the creation of an emergency fund to offer short-term relief to agricultural processors, p‎roducers and related manufacturers, and support for market diversification efforts.

Close communication is essential between the Government and Canadian exporters doing business in Russia in order to minimize the impact of sanctions resulting from the Ukrainian conflict.


Impact of Sanctions by province
(2013 exports of newly-sanctioned products to Russia)
    Share of listed exports that go to Russia (%)
Quebec  161,779 6.9
Manitoba 66,365 7.5
NF&L 51,649 7.5
BC 33,411 1.8
Nova Scotia 26,150 2.2
Ontario 20,117 0.7
Alberta 5,856 0.4
Saskatchewan 2,206 0.1
New Brunswick 1,456 0.2
PEI 425 0.2
Total 369,613 2.5


Major products affected by Russian sanctions - Canada
  2013 Exports to Russia Share of product exports to Russia 
  ($millions) (%)
Pork (fresh, chilled or frozen) 253.9 9.6
Crustaceans 74.7 3.5
Frozen fish (excl. fillets) 32.7 9.9
Leguminous vegetables 2.6 0.1
Fruits and nuts (frozen) 2.6 0.8
Fish fillets 1.3 0.4
Others 1.8  
All affected products 369.6 2.5

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