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Manufacturers face new deadline to record greenhouse gas emissions

Published by Steve Coleman on October 13, 2011

Companies pumping one or more of 24 listed greenhouse gases into the air will have to start taking inventory.

Environment Canada has set a June 1, 2012 deadline for companies to report which gases, and how much, their operations pumped into the air during the 2011 calendar year.

Changes to the Canadian Environmental Protection Act will require companies to plug release volumes into a convoluted formula to see if they meet the 50,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent minimum requirement to submit their numbers.

Gases get a point value that puts carbon dioxide at the low end of the scale with a score of one per tonne released. At the other end of the scale, facilities that discharge sulphur hexaflouride will have to fit 23,900 points into the equation for every tonne counted.

The Ministry of the Environment says it plans to publish greenhouse gas emission totals on a plant-by-plant basis, although companies will be able to submit written requests asking that their results be treated as confidential. The government may, or may not, agree depending on the reasons given.

Companies that don't report their numbers could be issued the equivalent of a ticket with a fine of up to $300,000 and/or up to six months in jail. Indictable offences carry a maximum $1 million fine and/or a possible jail term of up to three years.

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