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CME expresses support for CATAAlliance HPC study

Published by CME Webmaster on October 25, 2011

CATAAlliance is pleased to announce that Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) has joined the growing ranks of supporters of the 2011 study on Canadian Commercial Adoption of High Performance Computing (HPC aka supercomputers).

"I'm pleased to inform you that CME has joined CATAAlliance, Compute Canada and other stakeholders to build a survey to map out the use of HPC in Canadian manufacturing sectors," said Mathew Wilson, vice president, national policy, at CME. "Supercomputers are relatively unknown in many business sectors today, but their potential to increase productivity is enormous."

To be competitive on a global scale, CME believes Canadian enterprises need to supercharge their business and R&D processes with supercomputing. Initiatives are being launched in the US and other nations to encourage greater HPC adoption by small and medium sized enterprises; this HPC study will create a foundation of solid data from which to design initiatives tailored to the needs of Canadian business.

"On behalf of Compute Canada, I welcome CME's participation in this very important initiative," said Susan Baldwin, executive cirector, CATAAlliance. "The integration of HPC into business planning and production processes can accelerate innovation, create jobs, and provide competitive advantage in the marketplace."


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