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Faulty steel halts construction on Victoria BC infrastructure project

Published by Brad Fougere on November 05, 2014

Potential delays caused by the discovery of faulty Chinese steel in a recent inspection of the Johnson Street bridge could be avoided if procurement processes favoured Canadian manufacturers. The $92.8 million project is already facing the risk of cost overruns and could be delayed as design specification concerns mount. 

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters has been pushing for a procurement policy that would favour projects with Canadian manufactured components. With the Champlain Bridge project pending and more than $53 billion in infrastructure investments planned over the next 10 years CME urges government to adopt policy that maximizes employment opportunities for Canadians in procurement decisions. 

“Infrastructure projects demand reliable, quality steel that Canadian manufacturers produce,” said Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters President and CEO Jayson Myers. “The federal government should consider how to maximize the opportunity for Canadian materials and services, particularly in the structural steel, rebar, construction materials, and urban transportation sectors, in a manner that respects our international trade obligations.”

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