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Canada’s increase of low-value shipment threshold to speed up border trade and efficiency

Published by Stephanie Brooks on January 08, 2013

In response to today's announcement that Canada will increase the price limit for low-value courier-transported goods to move through the Canada-US border, and match that of the US, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters' (CME) President & CEO Jayson Myers released the following statement:

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters welcomes the federal government's move to increase the threshold for low-value items from $1,600 to $2,500 for faster, more efficient customs clearance, and align it with that of the US. This will reduce the volume of cargo held up at the border, therefore speeding up cross-border trade for all goods and providing a cost savings for importers.

Harmonizing these security and release processes between Canada and the US is a priority CME and the Canadian Manufacturing Coalition (CMC) recommended to both federal governments while developing the Beyond the Border Action Plan.

We are pleased to see another of the plan's key action items being implemented, and hope it will build the momentum to fulfill further commitments to enhance the free flow of goods and services between the countries. This includes harmonizing and aligning trusted trader programs and data requirements, providing single-window processing at the border, and implementing coordinated perimeter border security and processing requirements.

CME looks forward to continuing to work closely with the Beyond the Border Implementation Team to deliver results critical to companies conducting the bulk of cross-border business.

For more information, read CME's recommendations to the Canada-US Economic Integration and Competitiveness Initiative.

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