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Quebec City firm to pitch carbon scrubbing technology to Alberta oil producers

Published by Steve Coleman on September 28, 2011

A Quebec City-based carbon reduction systems maker plans to make its pitch for the Alberta oil patch.

CO2 Solution Inc. will present its solution to concerns about bitumen production and high carbon dioxide levels at the Petroleum Alliance Technology Canada forum in Calgary Oct. 3.

The company uses an enzymatic carbon capture system to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The process works on the same enzyme breathing people and other mammals use to manage carbon dioxide.

"CO2 capture costs from the oil sands with conventional technology are very significant, mainly as a result of the large amounts of process energy required," Jonathan Carley, vice president of business development said in a company news release. "Using the power of our enzyme catalyst, we have a solution to address this cost barrier which does not replace, but rather leverages existing technology approaches to significantly enhance their efficiency. With our technology already in development in coal-fired power generation and the aluminum industry, we are now looking towards the oil and gas industry, and particularly the Alberta oil sands, as a major deployment opportunity".

Rather than replacing existing equipment, the company says the enzyme can be added to existing infrastructure to help it perform better.

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