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Feds, Ontario invest in auto industry

Published by Steve Coleman on August 24, 2011

Both the federal and Ontario governments are investing in the Canadian auto industry.

North America's top car-producing jurisdiction is getting a helping hand at both research and development and production levels.

The federal government has announced that it plans to spend $11 million to help create the McMaster Automotive Resource Centre at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont. The centre's focus will be on R&D to build better hybrid and electric vehicles.

On top of the research, the investment is expected to create work for somewhere between 120 and 150 workers in the public, private and academic sectors. Part of their job will be providing training for manufacturing employees.

At the provincial level, the Ontario government was also expected to announce its $42 million investment in parts producer Dana Holding Corp. An estimated $2 million will go to the holding corporation, while another $40 million will got towards creating 50 jobs at a Dana factory in Cambridge, Ont. The Cambridge plant will assemble heat exchangers for the batteries driving electric vehicles.

In a separate announcement, the Ontario government will spend about $2-million and parts maker Dana Holding Corp. another $40-million to create about 50 jobs at a Dana plant in Cambridge, Ont., that will assemble heat exchangers to be used on batteries in electric vehicles.

Cambridge will benefit from Ontario government spending in other ways. Centra Industries Inc., plans to spend $25 million and receive $3 million from Toronto to create an estimated 100 jobs making airplane parts.

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