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CME writes to the Ontario Minister of Labour regarding anticipated Changing Workplace Review report

Published by Stefi Proulx on May 15, 2017

This weekend, CBC reported that the Ontario Cabinet could soon consider a proposal to give all employees in the province a minimum number of sick days, increasing annual paid vacation from the two-week minimum, boosting the minimum wage to $15 an hour, and enhancing protections for workers in the most low-paid and vulnerable jobs as part of the long anticipated Changing Workplace Review report. CME is concerned with the effect that the proposed changes could have on Ontario businesses. We sent a letter to the Minister of Labour and to the office of the Premier, clearly demonstrating that the proposed changes could have serious unintended consequences on the manufacturing sector.

CME has advocated strongly against changes to employment rules that could affect competitiveness and the business environment in Ontario. During the consultation process and following meetings with officials, we suggested a balanced approach that would allow for prosperity and growth while ensuring that vulnerable workers are not left behind. Our recommendations included:
1. Maintaining the balance of interests of employers, employees and trade unions that exists with the Labour Relations Act.
2. Increasing workplace flexibility to enable manufacturers to quickly respond and adjust to global customer needs.
3. Avoiding or mitigating the economic impact of recommendations that could lead to increased costs for businesses
4. Streamlining of processes to reduce administrative costs that may lead to increased competitiveness for manufacturers.
5. Recognizing good employers and re-directing limited government resources toward other more challenging sectors of the economy.

In the coming days, as the Cabinet readies to vote on the considerations of the report, we will augment our lobbying efforts and continue to press the government on these priorities.


Paul Clipsham
Director, Policy and Programs
CME Ontario


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