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Researchers plan to improve cancer treatment with new, experimental equipment

Published by Steve Coleman on August 18, 2011

Alberta researchers are taking the next step in cancer treatment research with a $2.5 million federal government grant.

Researchers working on the Magnetic Resonance Real-time Guided Radiation Therapy project plan to cross an MRI unit and the 3D pictures it produces with a linear accelerator to determine where they should shoot the tumor-killing beam.

The system is a $6 million joint project that includes the federal government, academics, non-profit agencies, private industry and Alberta health officials.

University of Alberta researchers and the Alberta Health Services' Cross Cancer Institute will develop and test the device. Once it's completed, Paramed and ASG Superconductors plan to bring it to market.

The project still has to go through a full-sized mock-up and clinical trials before it can be commercialized. The team behind the new equipment is hoping to conduct human trials in the next two-and-a-half to three years and have a commercial version ready in five or six years.

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