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DND issues call for stealth snowmobile

Published by Steve Coleman on August 22, 2011

Canada's Far North military presence in the next few years may include stealth snowmobiles.

The Department of National Defence has posted a tender for a new hybrid-electric snowmobile, including $550,000 to build a prototype.

Because cold, dry arctic air is a great noise transmitter, the military wants the vehicle to run, at least in part, on an electric motor. Conventional engines are too noisy.

The proposal calls for the snowmobile to have a range of at least 15 kilometres under battery power and an average speed of 20 km/h on level snow. The sled also has to hit a top speed of at least 75 km/h.

In regular mode, the snowmobile must be able to maintain a speed of 30 km/h while towing a payload of 250 kilograms on a sled and have a 100 km range on a tank of gas.

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