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Canadian economy sheds 45,000 jobs in March

Published by Brad Fougere on May 29, 2014

Manufacturing sector average weekly earnings rose to $1041.61, up 3.6 per cent, in March from $1004.82 in March 2013, one-half point higher than the national average of 3 per cent growth. The StatsCan data, which excludes farming data, also showed strong year-over-year wage growth in all provinces and territories.

"We continue to see well-paying jobs in Canada remain unfilled," said Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters President and CEO Jayson Myers, "while at the same time there are countless unemployed or underemmployed who do not have the skills needed to compete for these positions, particularly in manufacturing."

Overall employment numbers dropped sharply in March. Across all sectors 45,000 fewer people were employed compared to February numbers though 52,600 more employees were noted over March 2013. Ontario saw the sharpest decline with 31.3 fewer employees reported since February.

Manufacturing’s overall employment numbers dropped slightly in March losing around 5,600 jobs since February and 27,000 year-over-year.

Year-over-year average wages have increased in Canada by 3.1 per cent. Saskatchewan workers saw the lowest provincial average raise to $957.99/week, a 1.5 per cent increase contrasted with Alberta employees $1147.14, gaining 4.9 per cent on their weekly rate. Ontario workers earned, on average, $935.16 weekly up 1.9 percent from 2013’s $917.76.

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