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Job creation flattens in June

Published by Steve Coleman on August 18, 2011

After eight months of decline in Canada's EI rolls, the number of unemployed workers stayed roughly the same in June.

Statistics Canada says the number of unemployed in Canada remained at 577,400, partly due to fewer people looking for work in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia.

The number of beneficiaries was down in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia, while Newfoundland and Labrador posted the only major increase.

In terms of job creation, Ontario was the big winner. Stats Can says the number of people receiving EI payments fell 2.7 per cent last month to 169,500. Jobs have been coming back to Ontario since October 2010.

More people were also off Employment Insurance in Quebec (1.9 per cent) and British Columbia (1.3 per cent). Both provinces have seen employment levels increase over the last nine months.

In Prince Edward Island, the number of beneficiaries fell 1.3 per cent after two months of increases.
In Newfoundland and Labrador, 4.1 per cent more people were looking for work, while the numbers rose 1.2 per cent in Manitoba.

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