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Michael Holden


Michael Holden is the Director of Policy and Economics for Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters

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Since 1871, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters have been the voice of industry in Canada.

Our strength has been and continues to be the member companies for which we exist to serve; manufacturing and exporting firms.

For those firms, the latest economic data reflects the impact of their company's success but also paints a picture of what opportunities and barriers to growth exist.

CME's Economic Dashboard is a one-stop shop for economic data, publications and trend analysis from our policy experts.

Some of the publications available for you include:


Canadian Manufacturing Statistics (2015)
Number of companies
Total sales
$609.8 billion
Sales growth compared to previous year
Contribution to provincial GDP
Major manufacturing industries (% of total)
Petroleum and coal products (9.7%)
Transportation equipment (20.2%)
Food products (15.7%)
Total employment in manufacturing
Growth in manufacturing employment since last year
Share of total provincial employment
Total wages paid
$114.1 billion
Average weekly wage
Manufacturing wage as a share of:
Canada's average wage: 113.3%
Exports of manufactured goods
$348.6 billion
Growth in manufactured exports compared to previous year
Percentage of exports that are manufactured goods
Major destinations for exports of manufactured goods
United States  (80.1%)
China (3.4%)
United Kingdom (1.6%)


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