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Energy East: New jobs, investment and growth for Ontario

Energy East: New jobs, investment and growth for Ontario (Mississauga, Ontario) – As the Energy East Pipeline Project continues to move through the early stages of regulatory review by the National Energy Board (NEB), a broad cross-section of Ontario organizations have united to support Energy East, highlighting the pipeline’s significant, long-term benefits to the province of Ontario. Representatives from manufacturers, businesses and Ontario’s construction industry, organized labour and municipalities along the proposed pipeline route have come together today in support of the expected jobs, associated training and skills development, $50 million in annual property taxes paid to communities and $15 billion in new economic growth across Ontario as a direct result of Energy East. According to the Conference Board of Canada, Energy East will support more than 4,200 full-time jobs in Ontario during development and construction and create nearly 1,400 jobs when in operation. Most recently, GE Canada’s heavy motor plant in Peterborough was awarded a contract by Energy East to build large electric motors for the project, creating 250 jobs at GE and in their Ontario supply chain. This is only the first example of the direct economic benefits Energy East will bring to Ontario. From TransCanada’s application with the NEB, Energy East will convert approximately 2,000 kilometres of existing, underused gas pipeline in Ontario, and build 104 kilometres of new pipe in our province, to directly connect oil from Alberta and Saskatchewan to refineries in Quebec and New Brunswick for the first time. We are in agreement that Energy East is a true nation-building infrastructure project that will help Canada achieve energy independence. Today, refineries in eastern Canada import over 600,000 barrels of oil from around the world, despite the fact Canada has the third largest reserves of oil in the world. That just doesn’t make sense. Whether the roads we build, the clothes we wear or the hospitals we construct, oil is a significant part of our daily lives as Ontarians. Pipelines are the safest and greenest means of transporting oil over long distances and Energy East offers an opportunity to reduce the amount of oil being shipped through the heart of our communities by trains and trucks. We are united by an interest in building a stronger Ontario and we support the long-term benefits of Energy East recognizing the project is subject to extensive evaluation by the NEB. The NEB is committed to examining 16 different areas of interest before approving, amending or not approving the project. Among those considerations are the economic impact of the project, the impact on supply and natural gas prices in the areas affected by the Eastern Mainline proposal in Ontario and Quebec, environmental and socio-economic impacts, and safety along the length of the pipeline. We look forward to participating in the NEB process.   Signed, Ian Howcroft Vice-President, Ontario Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters Allan O’Dette Chief Executive Officer Ontario Chamber of Commerce John Telford Director of Canadian Affairs United Association, Canadian Piping Trades Sean Strickland Chief Executive Officer Ontario Construction Secretariat Terrance L. McKibbon President and CEO John Beck, Executive Chairman Aecon Group Al Spacek Mayor, Town of Kapuskasing President, Federation of Northern Ontario Municipalities Rhonda Barnet Vice-President, Finance Steelworks Design Inc. Peterborough, Ontario Brad Bamford President Automatic Coating Limited Scarborough, Ontario Joseph R. Young President and CEO J.D. Barnes Limited Markham, Ontario George Lefebvre Mayor Town of Latchford Michel Arsenault Mayor Town of Smooth Rock Falls Carman Kidd Mayor City of Temiskaming Shores Stuart Harrison President and CEO Greater Peterborough Chamber of Commerce Tim McMillan President and CEO Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers Don Berggren President Berg Chilling Systems Inc. Scarborough, Ontario

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