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CME Business Opportunities

Business opportunities: they are at the core of every successful company. That's why CME is committed to delivering members direct access to the services and expertise you need to compete and win in both domestic and global markets.

“The question isn't whether you can afford to join; it’s whether you can afford not to. Membership in CME
gives you the access, expertise, services and knowledge that you cannot get from any other association in Canada.”
Jake Tamminga, President, JAY-LOR® International (Orton, ON)

Canada's Industry Benefits Program
Make money, save money, and connect to new business opportunities with the fastest-growing benefits program tailored to the needs of industry. From travel to insurance to banking and more, IBP is the only benefits package of its kind suited to meet the requirements of industry leaders. 

Trade Missions
CME partners with industry associations in foreign markets, international trade offices and affiliated associations in Canada to equip members with the tools and knowledge to expand into new markets. 

Partner With Us
CME is dedicated providing its members unparalleled access to the services, business opportunities, strategic intelligence, education and networking events needed to save money, boost competitiveness, and grow in both domestic and global markets.

Upcoming Events
Are you linked in to Canada’s largest business sectors? CME provides manufacturers and exporters with opportunities to connect with top businesses, purchasers and strategic partners from across Canada. Visit our events calendar to learn more.


Additional Opportunities & Resources

CME SMART Prosperity Now Program (Ontario Only)
Thanks to funding provided by the Federal Development Agency for Southern Ontario, CME's SMART Prosperity Now program provides financial support to Southern Ontario manufacturers who will invest in product and process improvements that develop and / or expand export opportunities and global competitiveness.

Industry Resource Guide
CME's Industry Resource Guide is your one-stop for the best services and best service providers, coast to coast. These companies are preferred CME partners, and provide an elite suite of solutions specifically for manufacturers and exporters.





Public and Private Sector Procurement
From the $33 billion National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy to supply chain opportunities in the Canadian resources sector, CME has the connections and insight you need to grow your business. For more information, contact Martin Lavoie, CME's director of manufacturing competitiveness and innovation policy, at

RBC Royal Bank Global Country Reports
Take your business around the world with confidence. These reports provide helpful information on the current business environment in various countries throughout North America, Asia and everywhere in between. They are designed to assist companies in doing business and establishing effective banking arrangements.

EDC Trade Knowledge
CME is proud to partner with Export Development Canada (EDC) to bring you the innovative financing, insurance and risk management solutions you need to expand your international business. But for most companies, success doesn't happen overnight. It requires strategic planning, time, and – perhaps most importantly – valuable insight from experts who know both the challenges and opportunities of investing abroad. That's why CME has joined forces with EDC to bring you EDC Trade Knowledge: your source for key intelligence, market information and trade services.

The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service
Market reports from the Canadian Trade Commissioner Service provide a detailed analysis of industry sectors that enable businesses to take advantage of the right opportunities abroad. With more than 600 reports available free of charge, users can sort by sector or region to access the most applicable information at the click of a button.

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